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An epic real time strategy saga comes to an end

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight sees the real time strategy series conclude the Tiberian saga after 15 years of releases. This is no simple update on previous titles - there are some big changes that could bring in new players, or alienate long term fans.

The hammy cut scenes and familiar characters like Kane remain in Command & Conquer 4, but game mechanics that stretch all the way back to the series' beginnings have been thrown out. You no longer have to build bases, or harvest resources, and the size of your armies is much smaller. Broad strategy has gone out of the window to be replaced by micro-managing smaller battles.

The game is also always online - Command & Conquer 4 cannot be played without an internet connection. This is partly to stop piracy, but also to implement well integrated online multiplayer modes. The more you play, the more experience points you gain, which allow you access to more unit types. This means you need to play a lot to get the best available tools, and early on your build menus will be full of padlocks.

The single player campaign is relatively short and unsatisfying compared to those of previous games. This is balanced by the well made and really fun online multiplayer mode.

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is an average-to-good real time strategy game, but it's a disappointing end to a series that defined the genre for so long.


  • Good presentation
  • Concludes the long running story
  • Online and cooperative modes


  • Short campaign
  • Small maps


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Command & Conquer 4


Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight for PC


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